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Anitra Frazier is the executive director of Anitra’s Natural Cat, a house call service providing holistic health care and grooming to the “furry-purrys” of New York City, as well as worldwide telephone consultations.  She also heads Fluff City, New York’s feline health spa and hospice.  Anitra's clients have included hundreds of brilliant and influential cats, some of whom have shared their lives with luminaries from the worlds of film, theater, fashion and classical music.  She is the author of The Natural Cat and It’s A Cat’s Life.

Norma Eckroate has coauthored numerous books since she and Anitra Frazier teamed up for the first edition of The Natural Cat.  Her works include The Dog Whisperer, The Puppy Whisperer, Complete Holistic Care and Healing for Horses, and Switched-On Living.

Penguin USA Press Release, 2009:


The Comprehensive Guide To Optimum Care

By Anitra Frazier

With Norma Eckroate

Last year, over ten-thousand claims were filed against pet food companies after it was revealed that food containing Chinese-made wheat gluten laced with melamine, an industrial chemical, had lead to the sickening and death of thousands of pets. This negligence on the part of pet food companies and the United States Food and Drug Administration has since raised awareness about the questionable ingredients which makes its way into pet food, encouraging some owners to turn to organic foods, or even prepare their own. Originally published in 1981, Anitra Frazier’s now-classic handbook THE NATURAL CAT was one of the first books to advocate this type of natural health care for animals. Now in available in paperback from Plume Books, and with illustrations, THE NATURAL CAT: The Comprehensive Guide To Optimum Care (Plume/$20.00/December 2008) has been updated and expanded to offer practical holistic cat care advice to a whole new generation of owners.

With an increasing number of pet care options available, it’s often confusing for an owner to decide the healthiest course. This new edition of THE NATURAL CAT combines classic and reliable advice on grooming, neutering and spaying, common feline health problems, elder cat care, behavioral problems, and emotional bonding, with the latest information available. Included is essential information on:

  • Safe canned foods and easy homemade options
  • Forty-four common health problems, including symptoms and recommendations.
  • Home nursing care tips to increase comfort and lower stress
  • Finding a holistic veterinarian
  • Grooming and cleaning a cat’s coat, eyes and ears, complete with illustrations
  • Building a strong immune system for life extension
  • Feral cats and orphaned kittens
  • The practice and application of interspecies communication

THE NATURAL CAT addresses all the many new discoveries in holistic cat care, and is the only handbook owners need to naturally nurture a happy, healthy cat.


Contact: Penguin USA
Mary Pomponio, Senior Publicist


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