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Anitra Frazier is the executive director of Anitra’s Natural Cat, a house call service providing holistic health care and grooming to the “furry-purrys” of New York City, as well as worldwide telephone consultations.  She also heads Fluff City, New York’s feline health spa and hospice.  Anitra's clients have included hundreds of brilliant and influential cats, some of whom have shared their lives with luminaries from the worlds of film, theater, fashion and classical music.  She is the author of The Natural Cat and It’s A Cat’s Life.

Norma Eckroate has coauthored numerous books since she and Anitra Frazier teamed up for the first edition of The Natural Cat.  Her works include The Dog Whisperer, The Puppy Whisperer, Complete Holistic Care and Healing for Horses, and Switched-On Living.



The Comprehensive Guide To Optimum Care

By Anitra Frazier

With Norma Eckroate


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What’s the best way to keep your cat healthy?

Good nutrition. The latest research has shown that raw food strengthens the immune system. There’s a very easy raw food recipe in The Natural Cat. The second best diet is a very high quality canned food with raw egg yolk and a good multi-vitamin added.

2. Why do some cats urinate outside the box?

Cats never urinate outside the box unless something is wrong. There can be many possible explanations. A dirty litter box is, of course, the first possibility to eliminate. Other possibilities include the presence of an un-neutered male or unsprayed female in the area or an illness such as a bladder infection, bladder stones, advanced kidney disease, problems with intestines or anal glands, or cystitis. The good news is that there are simple ways to correct all of these problems. I remember one case where Teddy, a neutered male, was repeatedly spraying the drapes in the dining room. We checked out all the possibilities and had him examined by his vet. Nothing seemed to explain it. Then I found out that there were un-neutered males running loose in the neighborhood who were marking territory in the bushes under the dining room window. We solved the problem by trapping and neutering the outdoor cats.

3. My two cats are 18 and 19 now and both are very thin. What can I do to make them gain weight?

Here again, there are many possible reasons. It is wise to have your vet do a thorough examination and complete blood tests. Include the special blood test for hyperthyroidism (called a free T4 test). Hyperthyroidism, kidney disease, irritable bowel syndrome and cancer all cause weight loss and, here again, much can be done to correct the problem and manage the disease. You will find information on how to manage or cure over 40 diseases in chapter 10 of The Natural Cat. I would also reexamine your cat’s nutrition. You need a very digestible food like PetGuard. Add a little extra fat like butter of egg yolk and extra fiber such as one-eighth teaspoon of fine bran and/or psyllium husk powder. Also feed 3 or 4 smaller meals instead of two big ones so digestion is easier.

4. How can I make my elderly cats more comfortable?

Most older cats love warmth. Make her a “snug retreat.” The directions are given in the book. All you need is a cardboard wine carton with a nice soft towel inside. Lay it on its side up against a radiator or, even better, get a clip-on lamp with a 60-watt bulb. Clip it onto a chair leg or a pulled-out drawer and shine it into the box from about one foot away. Old cats, kidney and cancer patients, and all Siamese love it.

5. I want to clean my cat’s teeth but I’m afraid to use those commercial products that have so many chemicals in them.

I know what you mean! Get some mild cheddar cheese and make a soft paste by mixing a small piece of it with a little water. Put it on your index finger and massage your cat’s teeth and gums with it several times a week. The enzymes that turn milk into cheddar also tend to dissolve tartar. Cheddar does contain salt so check with your vet if your cat is a heart patient or on any kid of salt-restricted diet. Also, in The Natural Cat you’ll find instructions on how to gently scrape off tartar with your thumbnail.


THE NATURAL CAT addresses all the many new discoveries in holistic cat care, and is the only handbook owners need to naturally nurture a happy, healthy cat.


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