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Guiding Precepts and
Helpful Rules

By Anitra Frazier

When I began my natural health care and grooming practice for cats in 1975, I was the only one to have thought of doing such a thing. I was all alone in a world of conventional veterinary medicine, pharmaceutical drugs, vaccines, and profit-driven pet food companies.

During the first six years, I knew no holistic vets; even the word “holistic” had not yet come into general use. I had no wise teacher to guide me. When I had what I judged to be a good idea, I would always begin by trying it out on my own body. (I even started calling my body “the lab”). Then I’d run the idea by my conventional vet just to make sure it didn’t contain any elements that might be in any way harmful to cats. The next step was to try it out on the cats at my place and then, finally, I’d use it for the benefit of my clients’ cats. The cats were my wise teachers but, not being a cat myself, it was a long and painstaking process. I felt great responsibility and I longed for some reliable guides, some sort of rules, at least, that would help me to stay on the right track.

Since those early days, I have been fortunate to find a few. Each one has shined the light more clearly on the path and for each one I thank the Cat Goddess.

Guiding Precepts

    1. “Primum est non nocere.” (Above all, do no harm.) – Hippocrates

    2. “Stick as close as you can to nature and you’ll never go very far wrong.” – Paul Rowan, D.V.M.

    3. “A symptom is the body’s logical response to an intolerable situation.” – Richard Pitcairn, D.V.M.

    4. “Many ‘symptoms of disease’ are, in reality, symptoms of health.” – Richard Pitcairn, D.V.M.

    5. Stress is a very powerful enemy.

    6. No matter what the problem, there is always more than one cause.

    7. If a problem seems too difficult, break it down into smaller parts and deal with each one separately.

    8. Cats are, in EVERY way, much more sensitive than we humans.

    9. Your cat’s body is made out of whatever you put in the food dish.


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